When temperatures drop in the Chicagoland area, we all know the value of staying warm and cozy. Midwestern people use the final sunny days to prepare for the holiday season by cleaning up the fallen colorful leaves, setting up decorations for the upcoming celebrations, and maybe even putting up Christmas lights to season the spirit. Do you know what other projects are best done before the winter engulfs us all for months to come? That’s right – window replacement. What better way to prepare for cold days and stay cuddled up and restful with hot cocoa than upgrading your windows to energy-efficient ones? The bonus – they will enhance your curb appeal and up the value of resale if you ever consider moving. But why would you after you get brand-new windows in your home?

Let’s dive in and see what telltale signs indicate your existing windows might need urgent attention from a professional renovation specialist.

Your Energy Bills Are Getting Higher

We all know to close all the windows and doors on a hot day when our air conditioning is working – not only to efficiently moderate temperature but also to be gentle on your HVAC system. The same applies during the cold season – overworking heating and cooling system needs to be paid overtime. You may notice your energy bills are suddenly higher than usual – that is, if we rule out inflation.

When cold temperatures strike, stand by your windows. If you feel a cool breeze or the glass feels cold to the touch, your heating system is most likely undermined by the leaky windows that let the cold air inside your house. That cold air is cooling the warm air your heating system worked hard to achieve, causing discomfort and a waste of money.

You can check for drafts by holding a candle or a burning incense stick by your window frames and moving it slowly from one corner to another. Your windows are most likely causing drafts if you notice the candle flickers or the smoke shifts ever so slightly. If your windows are extremely damaged, you might even see the light coming through the window frame in a dark room with a flashlight.

New-generation windows are very effective at preventing the air from traveling to and fro your home. Older windows are usually single-paned, which makes them vulnerable to drafts and other leaks, so it might be a good idea to replace them with innovative windows that have argon gas and LoE (low-emissivity) glass. That will save you money on heating and cooling bills when seasons change.

Your Existing Windows Perform Poorly

One way you can notice your windows need to be fixed is when you attempt to clean them. If operating your existing windows is such drudgery that you avoid the task at all costs, your windows are undoubtedly outdated and in need of replacement.

When you walk around your home in an attempt to open and close each window, it should feel smooth without unnecessary force or pressure. Many old-style wood windows experience operational problems with time. If that is the case in your home, your windows should be replaced.

Besides checking window opening and closing mechanisms, you should also inspect the locks. If your window locks are not working properly and are hard to open, or you struggle to secure your windows, your existing windows are a liability. You are running security risks associated with home invasions or effortless departure in the event of a fire. Building codes mandate egress windows, and you need a safe escape route in case of emergency.

Your Window Frames Are Decaying

The telltale sign of window replacement is a leaky window or a decaying window frame. Moisture is your home’s biggest enemy, and when it enters your premise, it creates chaos that is often irreversible, especially on a structural level. Moisture is the culprit behind rot and degradation. If your windows are leaky, they will leave a visible mark. Sometimes it may be as innocent as condensation that builds up between the window panes or as terrifying as a pool of water getting into your home. In both cases, your windows need to be replaced.

You might be tempted to wait it out due to small leakage or condensation, but moisture fosters the growth of mold, and it certainly doesn’t matter how much moisture gets into your house. It will gradually become a major problem that can corrupt your home’s structural integrity. It will be both costly and extremely time-consuming to fix.

Your windows might be leaking for various reasons, including decaying window frames, poor installation, or a failed sealed unit. The longer you wait, the more damage it will cause.

Condensation on the inside of the windows

Water vapor condensation and deposition on the glass surface are natural phenomena that can be easily explained. When the glass becomes wet from the inside, windows that are too tight might be the cause due to poor air circulation in your home. Neither too loose nor too tight windows are suitable for your home’s comfort.

During everyday mundane household activities, such as cooking, ironing, bathing, or drying laundry, the air is generated with a very high level of humidity. Carefully insulated windows prevent the air from escaping outside the building. As a consequence, excess water vapor settles on the coolest surface, most often glass panes. When humid and warm air collides with a lower temperature surface, it cools down to a saturated state, which results in loss of moisture. This condenses and forms a haze on the surface of the glass. It is also how clouds form, by the way.

Condensation on the outside of the windows

The causes of the outside condensation are the same as in the event of indoor condensation – too tight windows and the maximum elevated thermal insulation threshold. In the autumn and winter seasons, too little warm air comes out of the house, which is not insulating the glass. This, while remaining cold, causes water vapor to condense. This phenomenon occurs most often in areas with increased humidity, where in the morning, the air tends to heat up faster than window panes.

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