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Factors to Consider Before Roof Installation in Highland Park, IL

Even during the harshest of weather, your roof is there over your head protecting you and your family day and night. With luck, it will continue to do so for many years. All things eventually wear out though. In most cases, there will be warning signs, and time to act before further damage is done. Here are a few signs to look out for that would indicate you may soon need a new roof:

Shingle Damage

Most Illinois roofs are comprised of asphalt shingles. They are by far the most common roofing material used today. You can expect this type of roof to last about 20 years. To look for signs of aging and wear, you should occasionally walk the perimeter of your property and inspect your roof from the ground. Try to spot anything unusual: shingles that are damaged, broken, or missing. Even a couple missing shingles can lead to big problems. Also, look for granules in your gutters or around your downspouts. If these conditions are present, you may need a new roof sooner than you think.

Water Damage

The whole point of a roof is to keep water out of your home. No one wants to be rained on while they sleep or watch TV. Water damage during and after heavy storms or prolonged snowmelt is a sign though that something is seriously wrong. Shortly after a big rain, check your attic. Is there any standing water? Is the ceiling discolored or are there water spots on the wall? Better to catch it here, than before it makes it to your main living area. If you don’t have an attic, still check each room once in a while for the same conditions. Water damage can occur for a long time before you notice it and bring other problems with it like mold. So it’s best to catch it as early as possible. If you have unexplained water damage, a top culprit is usually a leaky roof. Have Mr. Roof perform their own inspection to confirm your suspicion. Call us today and let us take care of it!

Sagging Roof

If you have a sagging roof, you have an emergency. Don’t wait, call Mr. Roof now! Your Highland Park roof may be on the verge of imminent collapse, putting you and your loved ones in peril. Your roof will almost certainly need to be replaced. Let us quote you options today and remedy this threat to you and your property.

Aging Rooftop

A lot of the time your roof will make it through its expected lifespan without incident, hopefully 25 years or so. Maybe you don’t know how old your roof is, or you do know and you’re right up against that time frame. Having an inspection and estimate done now will save you money down the road if you wait to do it until there’s other collateral damage involved. Mr Roof and Remodeling can let you know what your options are today when you have the time to make a calm informed decision, rather than later when you might have to decide in an emergency.

Our inspections come at no cost or obligation to you. We will discuss options on pricing, timing, and materials Most importantly, you’ll have the reassurance that comes with doing something important to protect you and your family. Believe us when we say, we will work as hard on your Highland Park roofing project as we would on one of our own homes. You will get only our best results. Mr Roof and Remodeling company has the experience you need. Call or email us today!

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High-Quality New Roofs in Highland Park, IL

When it’s time to install your new roof in Highland Park, it is good to consider what choices are available. Below are five of the most common residential roofs:

Asphalt Shingles

Used in the United States for over a century, asphalt shingles are reliable and durable, and easy to install. These shingles reflect sunlight away from your home which helps keep your cooling bills lower in the summer. They are also usually the least expensive option available, and come in many different shades and designs.

Slate Shingles

A more high-end alternative to asphalt is slate shingles. While more expensive than asphalt, their durability helps them last over 4 times longer. They are also fire and rot resistant. Not every home will be a good fit, however. Because they are heavier, they are suited for every frame or slope. Our team will be able to let you know if your home would qualify. While they are more durable, they do break easily if not walked on properly, so let Mr. Roof handle future inspections. If you have the budget, slate tiles are a great answer to Illinois’s harsh climate.

Wood Shakes

Wood shingles have been used in homes for nearly three hundred years. Available in different types of wood, including cedar, wood shakes can give you home a unique natural look. They are surprisingly energy efficient and obviously eco-friendly. Installers apply a special coating which guarantees they are fire resistant. Wood does tend to be more expensive than other options. One reason is their most noticeable characteristic is that each shingle has a unique size and shape. It’s like putting a puzzle together. Expert installation is required and we have your experts!

Metal Roofing

You may never have considered a metal roof for your Highland Park home, but they are becoming more and more popular for residential properties. Metal shingles are lighter than some alternatives and eco-friendly as well. Some positives are they need relatively little maintenance and can last up to 50 years. A drawback is that they can be louder than others without proper insulation. Talk to Mr. Roof to see if a metal roof is an option for you.

Clay Tiles

You may think of homes in warm sunny climates when you think of clay tile roofs. Yes, they are more popular in places like California, Arizona, and Florida, but some Illinois homes have them as well. These ceramic tiles are available in different shapes and sizes and have a lifespan of 50-70 years. They have top-notch durability, are fireproof, and won’t fade. Clay tiles are yet another roofing option though that requires special installation. They will break if not walked on properly and have to be laid a certain way to function optimally. Clay tiles can be a beautiful addition to some homes. Call us today to see if they are a fit for you.

If you have a preferred choice for your new roof, or you just want to discuss your options, contact Mr. Roof and Remodeling, the top roofing pros in Highland Park for a free consultation. We can start work on your inspection and free quote today!

Professional Roof Repair Installation in Highland Park, IL

The job of replacing your residential roof in Highland Park usually consists of three major steps.

Step 1 – Preparation

First and foremost, we respect your home and truly appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to beautify your home. For that reason, we will take every precaution necessary to protect it. We’ll turn off sprinkler systems, remove anything hanging from the outside of your home and set up tarps around the perimeter to collect any debris.

Step 2 – Restoration

Before your new roof comes on, your old roof has to come off. Some people choose to have what’s called an overlay done, where you tack the new roof right on top of the old one. We don’t recommend it. One, it adds significantly to the weight of your roof, which can cause issues with your home’s foundation. Two, if there are any problems with your roof deck, you’ve now just added another layer to it, making it more difficult to diagnose and repair down the road. So, assuming we are tearing off the old roof, we’ll make sure there are no issues underneath, before the new roof goes on. We’ll sand it down to make sure we have a smooth surface to work with, and get started putting on your new roof. Doing the job right, with attention to detail, meticulous work, and safety is what we value. Your home’s size will determine how long the job will take, but within a few days, your home will have a beautiful new roof that will make you proud and your neighbors jealous.

Step 3 – Cleanup

Once your new roof is one and looking great, we clean up, and take our mess with us. We’ll dispose of all the old debris and materials. Your new roof will look fabulous and you otherwise wouldn’t know we were even there.

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If the time has come for you to install a new residential roof in Illinois, contact Mr Roof and Remodeling. Highly regarded customer service, years of expertise, honesty and professionalism are our calling cards. Today is the perfect day for an inspection, quote or to inquire about any of our services.