Windows Replacement and Installation Experts in Wheeling, Illinois

When you work with Mr Roof and Remodeling you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most experienced installers in the industry. Our years of experience provide us with the attention to detail that can make or break a project. Your Wheeling home is unique and we’ll treat it as specially as you would. Whether you have standard window sizes or are in need of custom sized windows, we have you covered. Our consultants will help you select the windows that fit your home, your needs, and your budget. Safe and reliable window installation will guarantee that you get your hard-earned money’s worth. Professional and friendly customer service will leave you confident that you made the right choice and that we are putting your best interests first. We won’t be satisfied until we’ve gotten your full satisfaction. Call Mr. Roof today to begin your free quote. Work with our team and get affordable prices and feel the confident that you’ve hired a certified window installation expert.

Work With The Best

Looking for roofing, window, door or siding replacement? Look no further. Work with the best and most highly rated company in Chicagoland area. Let us help YOU with your needs.

Benefits of Hiring Windows Replacement and Installation Professionals

Hiring a remodeling company to install your windows and doors is a good idea. Hiring Mr. Roof and Remodeling is a great idea! Here are just a few benefits Wheeling homeowners reap when they hire Mr. Roof:

  • Thousands of hours experience in home improvement projects, especially with window and door replacement.
  • Licensed, skilled and friendly contractors
  • High quality, energy-efficient windows
  • Wide selection of frames available
  • Verified customer reviews from satisfied clients
  • Warranties on parts and service

Expert Window Installations for Wheeling Homes

Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company has been remodeling homes in the Wheeling area for over ten years. With each job we do, we understand the investment you are making in your home and the trust you are putting in us to get the job done to your expectations. New windows not only make your home look better from both inside and outside, but also add comfort value to your home.

Because we’ve been in the business so long, we hope by now you’ve seen us around town. Maybe you saw a sign or truck on your block and you’re here just checking us out. Great! You need look no further. You’ve found the right pros for your job. Our goal is to provide the kind of service and craftsmanship you’ll brag to your friends and family about and do it at a price that you can afford.

Mr Roof and Remodeling is Wheeling’s your choice for this all important window and door project. We think you’ll be so impressed with the results that you’ll come back to us for other home improvement projects. Call us for a free quote or send us a virtual request today.

Your Wheeling, IL Skilled Crew of Experts

To get started on your window replacement or installation project in Wheeling, contact us today for a free consultation and a price quote. Our design consultants will guide you through every step of the way from choosing the right style to gauging your priorities in terms of efficiency and budget. We will give you our recommendation and present an offer, with cost-saving alternatives if available. Once we’ve earned your business, we will schedule an installation time that fits your busy schedule.

How the Windows Installation Process Works in Wheeling?

Installation Day will arrive with our team ready to work armed with all the necessary tools and materials to get the job done safely and swiftly. You can leave your worries behind as we’ll strive to make the day carefree for you. Before we get started, we’ll go over your plan one last time and answer any last minute questions..

Once it’s time to get to work, here’s what you can expect over the course of the day:

First, we recognize we are guests in your home, and we are going to treat it with the respect you deserve. To protect your floors, walls and property, we’ll lay down drop cloths to collect dust and debris. We have no intention of leaving you with a giant mess.

Next, we will carefully remove and safely dispose of your old windows. This is the step people who try to do this project themselves make the most mistakes. A poor demo job will really handicap the ability to properly install your new windows. We will also inspect each window frame, repair minor damages and replace any missing components.

Before we install the new windows, we thoroughly clean the opening, and check for any signs of mold or infestation. Only then will we place the new window in. Once the window is installed, we seal and insulate the frame to prevent drafts, We’ll also replace the window trim.

Next, we do a final inspection. All windows are guaranteed to be working as designed, opening and closing easily, locking properly, and that you know how to operate them.

Our final step is to clean up. Your house has to look better when we leave than when we got there,and that won’t be the case if there’s dust and dirt everywhere.

Mr Roof’s team won’t leave until we will answer any final questions you have. We’ll also share tips for proper care and maintenance of your new windows and doors. We’ll also make sure you have our contact info and all your warranty information.

Because we value customer service so greatly, expect us to be in touch again real soon. We love reading reviews because it’s how we get better. Your praise is a badge of honor and any honest criticism is appreciated just as much. So if we send a survey, please complete it. Today is the perfect day to get started on your window and door replacement project. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. Mr. Roof is the best locally-owned remodeling company and most trusted window installers in the Wheeling area. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair and install new windows by myself or do I really need professional contractors?

If you thought that replacing and installing your own windows was a great idea, you probably wouldn’t be on our website. Trust your instincts. There are more cons than pros when doing the job yourself. The money you could save by self-installing can all be wiped out with one accident. Leave it to the pros. We have the equipment and the expertise to get a quality job done safely.

How long is the process of installing new windows at home?

Every project is different, so there’s not an exact answer we can give. Ballpark though, we can install about 12 windows a day. Factors that play into whether we can do more or less, include accessibility, size, and type of window. We install all types of windows, don’t worry, just some require a little more TLC. Believe it or not, it usually will take the homeowner longer to decide on which windows to go with, than it will take us to install them.

What should I consider when planning my home window replacement and installation project?

The uniqueness of each property and homeowner makes every project just a little different…part of what we like so much about this job. There are a few things though that seem to be universal. Here a few of them to consider:

  1. What types of windows are you looking for? Something new or something as close as possible to your old windows? Custom windows (special sizes or shapes) take longer to order and install. But remember – you may only do this once, so now is the time to get the windows you truly want.
  2. Where are the windows located? Harder to reach windows will take longer to replace since additional equipment may be necessary. We ask that you give us as much space as you can on the inside of the home to work with. We’ll worry about the outside
  3. Who is installing the new windows? It is important to hire a professional installer with experience, who will make sure the job is completed well and in a timely fashion. You already know who we recommend.
  4. Remember that things don’t always go as planned. Unexpected challenges may pop up. Examples include moldy or rotting walls. These issues are serious and must be addressed right away, which will in turn affect the timeline and probably your cost. Nevertheless, Mr. Roof will always give you a rough timeline that includes the “best case scenario”.

Don’t take any risks with your Wheeling area window installation or replacement. We ask that you support a respected, locally-owned business, who completes the job quickly and at an affordable price. Contact Mr Roof and Remodeling Company today for a free quote. We are Wheeling’s best choice for window and door installation.