If you’re searching for a door company that installs high-quality doors with impeccable craftsmanship for homeowners in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin, then look no further than Mr. Roof & Remodeling Company. The doors we install are manufactured to be durable enough to withstand wear from the harsh weather we see throughout the year in the Midwest. Our doors will retain their beautiful, original, appearances for decades to come. We have been replacing doors for the last 10 years for homeowners and businesses in Illinois (Chicago & the surrounding suburbs), Northwest Indiana & Southern Wisconsin.

Replacement Doors in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin

Mr. Roof & Remodeling Company is a local, full service, construction & door replacement company. We have a great selection of durable, maintenance free, doors that are ready to be installed in your home or business.
We have proudly served Illinois (Chicagoland & surrounding suburbs), Indiana & Wisconsin with professional, reliable door replacement and installation services for more than 10 years. Together, we can help you pick the right exterior doors for your home or business.

Work With The Best

Looking for roofing, window, door or siding replacement? Look no further. Work with the best and most highly rated company in Chicagoland area. Let us help YOU with your needs.

Professional Door Installers

A new door can provide that bold & beautiful finishing touch to your home. Our experienced crew has been installing exterior doors that provide beauty, functionality & security. We can help with:

Retrofits: Looking to replace an existing door with a new one? We can use your old door as a template to cut your new door to size and to outfit it with hinges and a lockset. If you doorjamb is in good condition then we can install the new door into the existing jamb.

Custom Pre-Hanging: A pre-hung door is one that’s already assembled and hanging in its own frame. It’s a fully self-contained unit. Let our team of professionals make your house or business look better by installing the pre-hung door quickly and efficiently.

Door Styles & Materials

Door Styles:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • Front Entry Doors
  • Double Entry Doors
  • European Doors

Door Materials:

  • Wood Doors
  • Fiberglass Doors
  • Steel Doors
  • Vinyl Patio Doors
  • Glass Doors

Replacing your doors with Mr. Roof & Remodeling Company means you’ll be choosing a superior product with professional installation so you won’t be disappointed with low-quality doors again.