We’ve been beautifying and updating Lake Geneva homes and businesses for years with quality, highly-rated energy efficient windows. Mr Roof is a family owned business offering a wide range of services. Our installers and customer service agents are expertly trained and amongst the friendliest you’ll meet. Call us today and you’ll be moments away from an initial estimate for your next project. If we’re not in, leave us a message on our 24 hour phone line and we promise, we’ll get right back to you.

Ideally, window replacement is something you only need to do about every 15 to 20 years. That means, it’s entirely possible, you’ll only do it once the entire time you own your house. For that reason, it’s essential you get the job done right with only the best materials. Window replacement is not something that most people get a lot of “practice” doing, so to have confidence in the result, it’s best to leave the job to the pros. We have thousands of hours of experience and we promise you’ll love the look and fit of your new windows. Not only do we have the experience installing them, but as one of the top retailers of windows in the Lake Geneva area, we have the knowledge to make sure they style fits your home and your budget too. The best looking, highest quality windows, won’t provide you the energy efficiency they promise unless installed correctly. We know we can do the job, because we’ve done it hundreds of times before and we would love to have you as our next satisfied customer, so call us today and get your free estimate!

Lake Geneva’s Trusted Window Replacement and Installation Specialists

You could spend hours researching roofing and remodeling companies on the Internet or just pick the company with the flashiest ad in the phone. Without verified reviews and a guarantee to backup their work, you would still find yourself taking a chance. You deserve better. Mr. Roof is the remodeling company with the experience to get your job done right. Here are just a few of the advantages in choosing us:

  • We have the best trained employees in the industry, armed with the best equipment and knowledgeable in the latest trends in the industry.
  • Licensed, skilled and friendly contractors
  • Highest rated, energy-efficient windows on the market today
  • Wide selection of frames to choose from
  • Verified referrals from satisfied customers
  • Written Guarantees on parts and service

Mr Roof and Remodeling Company has been in the home improvement business, replacing and installing windows for over 10 years. Because the windows you choose today should be expected to last the next 20 years, making the right choice is paramount. Windows, along with roofing, are two of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. The right windows not only make your home look great, but can reduce outside noise, lower your energy costs, and provide added security to your home. Wisconsin winters (and summers) can be brutal and energy efficient windows can keep your personal castle cozy and comfortable.

Work With The Best

Looking for roofing, window, door or siding replacement? Look no further. Work with the best and most highly rated company in Chicagoland area. Let us help YOU with your needs.

Since we’ve been in the Lake Geneva market for awhile now, you may have seen our trucks on your block or around the corner, maybe even a sign in the neighbor’s yard. We hope you have and that you find our work and beautiful as the Wisconsin homeowner’s we serve. A new front or patio door or set of windows adds a fresh look to a home that few other additions can. If you’re looking to complete this portion of your home remodeling project, talk to us at Mr. Roof and Remodeling. If you’re a referral, great! We can’t wait to do business with you, and we want you so satisfied that you’ll refer three more neighbors, friends, or family to us. We think you’ll find our customer service top-notch and our craftsmanship second-to-none. Just look at our review page of other satisfied customers. You’re a phone call away from joining that happy group. Let’s get started with an estimate today. You can trust that our recommendation will provide all of this and the aesthetics your home needs.

Schedule a Consultation for Window Replacement and Installation in Lake Geneva, WI

Even the longest journeys start with a single step. Fortunately, since we’re right in Lake Geneva, this will be a short trip. To get started on your window replacement or installation project, call or email us for a complimentary estimate. One of our design specialists will discuss your goals and budget. We’ll find a range of options you can review and help you make the right choice for your situation. There may even be cost saving alternatives you hadn’t considered. Once we’ve impressed you sufficiently to earn your business, the only thing left to do is order your windows and schedule an installation day.

Best Window Replacement and Installation Services in Lake Geneva, WI

Come installation day, it’s time to leave your worries behind, because you’re in good hands. Our team of expert installers will arrive at your home bright and early (if that’s when you want us) prepared with all the necessary tools and materials to work swiftly and safely. We’ll review the project one last time and answer any of your questions. We don’t want anything to spoil the day for you. Our job is to see that the whole project is stress-free and smooth, as far as you’re concerned. Sit back and put on a movie, or work from your office and before you know it, your house will look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Once we get to work, here is what to expect over the course of the day:

You’ve invited us into your home and we want to respect that. You didn’t hire us to damage your floors, carpet, or walls, so we start by laying down drop cloths to collect any debris and dust. Our job is to improve the appearance of your home, not leave you with a huge mess.

The most delicate part of the project is next, where we remove and dispose of your old windows. Special attention to detail needs to be displayed here. This is not ordinary demo work. We need to preserve the integrity of your existing frames. Unexpected damage can add additional time and cost to the project, and we won’t tolerate being responsible for that. We will however survey each window frame to check for any existing issues or missing components and inform you immediately of any damage.

Once we get the old window out, and ensure there is no damage, we can next prep the opening by cleaning the frame before installing the new window. After the new window is properly placed, we will seal and insulate the frame, and replace the trim around it.

After installation, comes a final inspection. Before we put our tools away, every window and door is tested to make sure they are a perfect fit, with no drafts around the frame or trim. We make sure that they are in proper working order, opening and closing as designed, that they seal tightly upon locking, and that you know how to use and lock them.

Lastly,again, because see ourselves as guests in your home, we clean up after ourselves. We set off with the goal of leaving your home better looking than when we arrived and we intend to keep that promise. The only trace of our visit should be your beautiful new windows and doors.

Before we drive off, make sure to ask us any questions or share any concerns you have. We’ll share a few hints for proper care and maintenance and review the warranties for your new windows. Of course, we’ll make sure you know how to reach us, should anything come up.

The only thing Mr Roof takes more seriously than safety is it’s customer service, so we’ll be in touch soon. Within a few days, we humbly ask for your feedback through a review or survey. We strive to get better with each job and can’t do so unless we know what went right and what didn’t work as expected. Your opinion is vital to our success in the Lake Geneva market, so please let us know how you feel.

We truly believe we are the best locally-owned window and roofing business in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Let us show you why. We’ll be waiting and ready to take your call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair and install new windows by myself or do I really need professional contractors?

We strongly recommend you don’t. You’re already probably not considering it if you’re on our website and we think that prudent of you. Window installation is tricky and sometimes a bit dangerous. There’s no reason to take risks to your health on the chance you may save a few bucks. Mistakes in our line of work are very expensive, so leave it to us. Your wallet and your back will thank you.

How long is the process of installing new windows at home?

That’s hard to say. Do you have a 1-bedroom condo or a 5 bedroom home? Are all your windows standard size or would you be looking for custom work. Are there obstructions we need to work around like landscaping or power lines? All of these variables come into play when estimating time on a project. Here’s a rule of thumb though. We can install about 12 windows over the course of a day. That’s assuming we don’t come across any nasty surprises, like mold, termites, or damage. Therefore, we can probably complete your home in 1 day, maybe two. Usually we find the longest part of the project is actually picking out and deciding which windows are best for you.

What should I consider when planning my home window replacement and installation project?

There are many considerations when it comes to a window installation project. Here’s a brief checklist:

First– The first question you need to ask yourself is: What types of windows am I looking for? Do I want a simple replacement or will I be able to upgrade and stay within my budget? We’ll give you the options and information you need to make an informed decision. You will need to decide what your priorities are in terms of style, appearance, and efficiency. Custom windows tend to have longer delivery times and may take longer to install.

Second –Consider where your windows are located on your property. Hard to reach windows provide challenges regarding installation because special equipment may be required. We’ll take any of those complications into consideration during the estimate and advise you if we anticipate delays or problems.

Third– Check with your local municipality and/or homeowner’s association regarding any necessary permits or restrictions. There are sometimes costs to these permits and you may need a pre-inspection first. Don’t try to cut corners in this regard. It can get both of us in trouble and cause you headaches down the road. We’ll work with your local municipality to try to cut through the red tape.

Fourth–who will you hire to install your new windows? Will it be a professional installer with the experience to make sure the project is done on-time, on budget and exceeding your expectations? We hope so and we hope it’s us, Mr Roof and Remodeling.

Don’t take chances with your Lake Geneva area window installation or replacement. You need the comfort that comes with new windows and doors installed by people you can trust. We love supporting locally-owned businesses and ask humbly that you support us. Contact Mr Roof and Remodeling Company today for a free quote. We are Lake Geneva’s finest remodelers!