Mr Roof is a well known and respected family-owned and operated business that has been servicing the Brookfield area for years. The name may say Mr. Roof, but we offer a wide range of services, including the replacement or installation of high-quality custom windows and patio doors. Our customer service professionals and the best in the business and our pricing can’t be beat. Call us to find out for yourself! Day or night, you can leave a message on our 24 hour phone line and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. We’ll ask the right questions about your project and get you an estimate by the end of your first phone call.

We know you have choices in the window and door installation industry. The phone book and internet are full of companies and private contractors to choose from. Few have the experience and positive reviews from satisfied customers that Mr. Roof can offer. The most beautiful windows in the world won’t live up to their potential if they aren’t installed correctly. Our trained professionals will get your windows installed safely and securely. Your neighbors will be jealous of how great your house will look and you’ll be thrilled when the next energy bill comes in the mail lower than the month before. Our knowledge of the Brookfield market will ensure you select the perfect style for your home. You could try to do this yourself, but why deal with the aggravation? You may only change the windows in your home once, the whole time you own it. Let our experience and friendly team handle this. Call us today for a free estimate. You won’t be disappointed!


Why Choose Our Window Replacement and Installation Services in Brookfield, WI?

You can spend hours researching different remodeling companies, but at the end of the day, you’re just hoping for a good job. We want to save you the time, because we genuinely believe we are the best option for new windows and doors in Brookfield. Just look at our reviews,or ask us for a referral. Even look around your neighborhood, you may just see a sign in the yard of another satisfied customer. We want you to be our next 5-star review. We are a roofing and remodeling company with the experience to get the job done right. Here are just some of the advantages of hiring Mr. Roof:

  • Employees with thousands of hours of experience in the field. We can handle any surprises or set-backs that come our way
  • Licensed, skilled and friendly contractors that can answer any of your questions or concerns
  • Top-of-the-line, energy-efficient windows in the latest styles with the highest ratings
  • Wide variety of frame selection available
  • Verified reviews from satisfied customers
  • Warranties on parts and service


Work With The Best

Looking for roofing, window, door or siding replacement? Look no further. Work with the best and most highly rated company in Chicagoland area. Let us help YOU with your needs.

Mr Roof and Remodeling Company has been improving your Brookfield neighbors’ homes through remodeling and installing windows for years. With proper installation and maintenance, your new windows can stand the test of time too. Let’s face it, Wisconsin can throw a lot at us in terms of weather. Ice, sleet, snow, driving rain, and blazing summer heat. New windows can protect your home from all of those and keep you safe and comfortable all year long. Windows are an important investment in your home for that very reason. We’ll help you make the perfect selection for your home’s style and your checkbook’s bottom line..

As one of the leading home remodeling companies in Brookfield, we hope you’ve already heard of us. We already know Wisconsin and we know windows and doors. We certainly want to get to know you. Mr Roof and Remodeling is your best choice for this crucial phase of your home remodeling project. We offer multiple services and feel that if we provide superb service and value on this project, you’ll be happy to come back to us for future projects and feel good about referring your friends to us. With our incredible customer service, competitive pricing and quality workmanship, we believe we can earn it. Don’t just take our word for it though. Read through some of the testimonials of satisfied Mr. Roof customers. We want you to be just as enthusiastic and ecstatic with your new windows. So let’s do this! You could be just a few days away from a more beautiful home. Call or email us for a free quote today!

Contact Us for Window Replacement and Installation Services in Brookfield, WI

Your window replacement or installation project in Brookfield is just a call or email away. We can provide a free consultation and a price quote today. One of our design consultants will talk over your goals and your budget. After a thorough conversation, we may be able to provide cost-saving alternatives. In any case, we’ll have an offer for your consideration. By then, we hope we will have impressed you enough that you will have determined we are the right company for the job. Once we get to “yes”, it’s just a matter of finding the time in your schedule for us to install your new windows.

Expert Team for Professional Window Installation in Brookfield, WI

On installation day, we’ll have everything covered. Our expert installers will arrive at your home ready to work with their truck loaded with all the necessary tools and materials. We’ll do our part to see that the whole process goes exac. Our crew lead will meet with you to make sure there are no outstanding questions about the project. Once the work begins, here’s what you’ll see and hear over the next several hours:

We will demonstrate at every opportunity our priority is to beautify and respect your home. Drop cloths and tarps will be used to protect walls, floors, and outdoor plants. We are here to enhance the appearance of your home, not damage it.

Second, we will carefully remove and dispose of your old windows. This work is more than just demolition work. We need to preserve the integrity of your existing frames. If not done with attention to detail, additional time and cost can be incurred. We won’t let that happen. Once the windows are out, we will inspect the frame structure to check for any pre-existing damages, including water and keep you informed of our findings.

Next, we prep the opening by cleaning and if necessary completing any repairs, before installing the new window in the frame. Once the new window is properly placed, we will seal and insulate the frame, and replace the trim around it. It should look brand new!

A final inspection is done before we put our tools away. Each window is tested to make sure they are sealed tight, with no gaps or cracks around the frame or trim that could let in moisture or drafts. We’ll ensure that all windows are in proper working order, opening and closing as they should, and that the locks work as designed. Any security equipment will also be reinstalled.

Because you’ve been gracious hosts, we clean up after ourselves. It’s the right thing to do. We came to do a job and that was to leave your home better looking than when we arrived. We want the only evidence of our visit to be your gorgeous new windows and doors.

We will “check out” with you answering any questions or concerns you may have. We’ll share tips for proper care and maintenance of your new windows and doors. You will get all the information you need regarding our warranties and we’ll make sure you know how to reach us if any problems or questions come up later.

Mr Roof is passionate about customer service. We stand firmly behind our work and our commitment to you lasts even after we leave.. Within a week, we will probably seek your feedback through a review or survey. We strive to constantly get better, and unless we know what went right and what didn’t meet your expectations, we can’t reach that goal. It’s true, our Brookfield clients highly recommend us, but we’re not satisfied unless you are.

If you’re still not convinced, give us a call today to find out why we are the best locally-owned window and roofing business in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We can’t wait to take your call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair and install new windows by myself or do I really need professional contractors?

Probably not by yourself. We send an entire team out to make sure this goes smoothly for you, so unless you and your friends have years of experience doing this, you may want to leave this job to the pros. Your windows will be heavy and awkward to handle. The work can be dangerous and mistakes tend be very expensive and can even affect the structural integrity of your walls. In many ways, it’s not worth the risk to your health and your home.

How long is the process of installing new windows at home?

No one can give you an exact timeframe for completing your project. If we find unexpected damage or severe mold, we could get way off track and need to do repairs or remediation first. What we can tell you is the size, number of, and location of the windows are the main factors in how long this will take. To give you some idea though, on average we can install about 12 windows a day. This usually means we can complete the average home in 1-2 days. The longest and hardest part of the process is actually choosing the right style windows for your home.

What should I consider when planning my home window replacement and installation project?

The good news is we’ll be there to help you every step of the way, but if you want some things to consider early on, here’s a brief list:

First– What types of windows are you looking for? Windows are not a good item to skimp on, so you want quality. We also don’t want to blow up your budget either. Consider your priorities in terms of price, style, and efficiency rating. Note that if you have unusual (custom) sizes or styles, those windows tend to cost more with higher delivery times.

Second – The location of your windows as well as ease of access, both inside and outside will play a role in how long the installation will take. Hard to reach or obstructed windows will take longer to install, especially we need to bring in special equipment. We’ll evaluate the layout of your home during the estimate process and advise you if we anticipate delays or problems due to this. The best favor you can do for us is to provide as easy access to the windows as possible.

Third– Check with your local municipality and/or homeowner’s association regarding any necessary permits or ordinances. There may be costs involved and you might need approval before work can begin. The consequences of not playing by their rules can be expensive. It’s not worth it. We’ll work with your local municipality to try to cut through the red tape.

Lastly -Who will you trust to your new windows? We hope you go with a reputable professional with the experience to make sure the job is completed perfectly, safely, and in a timely fashion Mr Roof and Remodeling in Brookfield, WI stands ready to meet your expectations and give your home the makeover it deserves. Support your locally-owned businesses. Contact Mr Roof and Remodeling Company today.