Your windows play an integral role in your home, allowing the light to enter and brighten the rooms, elevating your mood simultaneously (yes, there are studies supporting this), and impacting your home’s energy performance. If your windows begin to deteriorate with the passage of time or have suffered poor installation, they sabotage your safety, comfort, and budget. If you notice your money going down the drain, drafts, or any signs of condensation or moisture entering your home, it is time to replace your windows.

So, how often does a house need new windows?

How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

While we would love to give you a definitive answer, there is not one we can provide at this time. However, if you are desperately looking for a number of years, the average homeowner should replace their windows every 15 to 20 years. With the advancement of technology and innovative window solutions, current trends might withstand much more, including the environmental conditions, ultimately expanding the lifespan of your new windows. Most homes in America still have outdated windows that will most likely not survive past 20 years of age. With proper maintenance, you can keep your windows alive for a long time, but keep in mind that wear and tear will eventually happen, and your windows will need to be replaced.

What Contributes to Window Deterioration?

Everyday usage of your windows will cause them to deteriorate over time naturally. Like other household items we use often, windows will begin to show signs of weakened or failed seals, leaving you with uncomfortable drafts and water seeping into your home. Consequently, you might start to notice your electricity bills higher due to poor energy performance.

The many years of continuous window use will do the damage itself. When we say that a window is failing, we are usually referring to different parts that need fixing or replacing. In many cases, however, repairing one component will not do the trick because many others will or are already in need of replacement.

When certain window parts deteriorate, you will notice that the air is leaking around the window frame or that your window is not locking correctly. Maybe your issue lies with opening and closing the unit, which might require adequate force on your part. Rusted hardware is another problem older windows experience, and no metal is immune to conventional rusting. New window models are manufactured with rust risk in mind, often having enhanced surface coatings. Those innovative solutions provide better longevity and overall performance.

If your window does not open or close smoothly as it should, you might start applying force. When that happens, you are running the risk of physical damage to the unit. Even severe weather plays a role in your window performance, impacting the health of certain parts, such as locks, hinges, or cranks.

You might be one of the unlucky ones to experience poor installation techniques from your previous contractor. Improper window installation not only imposes problems on the window performance but also causes issues with the hardware itself. They will either wear out more quickly or fail altogether.

When Your Windows Definitely Need Replacing?

While you may get away with small repairs or part replacements for a little longer, chances are that your existing windows will soon need to be replaced altogether. There are signs indicating that the issue needs to be addressed promptly. Here are a few reasons you should call a window replacement specialist right away:

Visible Damage to Your Windows

You can’t argue with an obvious sign that your window needs to be replaced. If you visibly notice a cracked window glass, the damage goes far beyond the aesthetics of your home. A physically damaged window with broken glass will soon turn into a nightmare when it blows into pieces during the most unexpected of times. Besides being a life hazard, a broken window can lead to serious issues that involve water seepage, pests, mold, and mildew. Another reason why your broken window needs immediate repair is that it provides an easy path for burglars. Either way, a visibly damaged window is a serious problem, and fixing it will help you avoid bigger expenses.

Your Windows Create Drafts

If your windows are drafty, your windows are leaking air into your home. Whether it’s a colder or hotter season, your money goes down the drain when your HVAC system has to work overtime and experiences unnecessary stress. With drafts present, your home will not feel as comfortable as it should, and your electricity bills will become a financial burden.

Condensation Forms on Your Existing Windows

Without going deep into the science of how condensation forms, which we did explain in our previous article, when water vapor happens on the inside of your windows, it is never a good sign. Condensation that happens on the inside of your windows might mean a few things, including the air leaking into your home from the outside or that your house is humid. You might notice condensation on the outside of your windows, and that is not a cause for concern – it is a natural phenomenon when temperatures are higher on the outside than the inside of your home, and it has to do with reaching the saturation point.

The air-tight seal might be failed if you start seeing condensation forming between double or triple-pane windows. Whether condensation forms on the inside or between the panes of glass, it is a telltale sign you need to replace your windows.

Interesting Sign – Fading Carpet and Furniture

If your rugs, carpets, furniture, and other decorative items around your windows begin to fade, there is only one reason – your windows are outdated and do not provide adequate protection against UV light exposure. Modern window models are manufactured with low-emissivity (low-E) glass, keeping UV rays and solar heat away from your home. Not only does it prevent fading of your valuable household items but also your skin from premature aging and skin cancer.

Mr. Roof Window Replacement

If any of the mentioned points speak directly to you, call your local family-owned window replacement company. Mr. Roof has been serving the Chicagoland area for over a decade, providing quality renovation services and leaving customers’ homes with many happy faces.