They say that when you become a homeowner, the work never ends. Something always needs to be done, certain things need immediate fixing, and you find yourself working on a project after project as if your regular job didn’t take enough time from you and your family. If it is not doing it yourself, it certainly is researching and finding the right people for the work. The task becomes even more stressful when the assignment is a significant construction venture, like replacing your windows or roof. We’ll let you cross that one off your to-do list so you can sleep better, knowing you will still have a roof over your head. A roof that your friends and neighbors will inquire about – the pride of the neighborhood!

When your outdated or damaged roof needs replacing, the process of finding the right contractor begins. How do you find a roofer in your area that will do the job with utmost precision, professionalism, and in a timely manner? It takes a bit more than a quick Google search “a roofing contractor near me.”

Here’s a guide on how you can effectively find a roofer in your area.

Roofing Company Qualifications

Before you call the first company that pops up on your Google maps, gain some essential knowledge about the roofing industry and what to look for. It will help you establish communication with a potential contractor, specify your requirements, and show that you did your homework. We’re not telling you to become a roofing expert overnight, but we do recommend doing some research.

Each municipality has specific criteria that roofing contractors have to follow, and your best bet is to find out what those requirements are in your state before you hire a person to do the job.

Here is a list of qualifications a legitimate contractor “near me” should have:


Experience is the holy grail of all, or almost all, professions. If you would require complicated heart surgery, you would certainly prefer a surgeon with years of experience and a multitude of healthy, alive patients in their portfolio. Someone who will guide you from start to finish and follow up with you after. While a roofer is an entirely different profession than a doctor, experience is undoubtedly one of those features you can trust.

Licensed in your area:

Because of differences in state or local regulations, your roofing contractor ought to be licensed in your area in order to perform the job legitimately. The last thing you want is to stop all procedures because mid-work turns out your roofer is not licensed or due to other reasons, he was not aware of due to not being familiar with local laws.


As with any construction, there is a risk of liabilities whether it is regarding a personal or professional injury or damages to your property. If your roofing company or contractor is not insured, chances are you could be held accountable for any claims or lawsuits when the work was being done in or on your home. These are not only expensive or stressful but take up a pretty big chunk of your time. Keep in mind that not all states require contractors to be insured, so it is in your best interest to request that information before hiring anyone to fix or replace your roof. Without the appropriate coverage, anything related to damages to your property or injury on the job might become your liability.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor

While there are many other qualifications, you should consider when hiring a roofing contractor “near me,” we will now move on to the question embedded within the title of this article. How can you find a reliable and reputable roofing contractor to do the job in a way that will exceed your expectations?

Independent contractors versus roofing companies

If your home requires a large project and you want the job done as fast as possible, an independent contractor might not be your best choice because they either work by themselves or with subcontractors. While we always recommend obtaining a quote from both and reviewing references, independent contractors might be a good option for smaller repairs. Also, an independent contractor means one person is in charge of the project, and it might be easier to follow their work.

Roofing companies, however, have a better chance of finishing major projects faster and provide more options when it comes to warranties, discounts, or choice of materials.

The type of roof you want matters

If you want to narrow down your search for a roofing company “near me,” think about the type of roofing you would prefer, as that might automatically reduce the number of contractors to choose from in your area. While most companies know the nuts and bolts of asphalt shingles, not so many know their way around clay tiles or cedar shake.

Google Search

A quick and effortless way to find a roofing contractor is by performing the good old Google search. Google predicts traffic through a multitude of complex steps in order to place the top in the Google maps – most likely, the first three you see are the ones you will give a call. Because they land themselves up with the elite for a reason, chances are they have a solid reputation and are worth your time. There are certain practices that companies do in order to land on the top, so always do your research, ask for references, and read the reviews before accepting the bid.

Facebook Groups

If you live in a subdivision or a town, chances are you are part of a Facebook group that keeps members updated on current events. There is also a bigger chance that someone before you already asked a question about a roofing company or contractor. Search for the query on the top of the page by typing keywords, such as “roofing,” and you should be able to see what others have to say. Jot down a few names and do a further online investigation. If you can’t find anything related to your issue, place the question yourself and see what your neighbors and community members recommend.

Friends and Family

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the word-of-mouth recommendation. If someone you know and trust had a job done and they are satisfied with the result, why search any further unless they are out of your price range? Get a few quotes from reliable recommendations and pick the one that fits your needs the most.

Mr. Roof is a family-owned and operated business with many years of experience in the industry. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your roofing project and, hopefully, begin the process of renovating your home today.