Replacing a window isn’t exactly a daily task, and it becomes all the more challenging when multiple windows are involved. This is where professional installers come into play. They help you save precious time, energy, and money.

If you’re on the lookout for a dependable window installation and repair company in Wheeling, you’ll find there are a handful of options available in the area. For top-tier services, though, you don’t have to look any further than Mr. Roof and Remodeling. Our seasoned, trustworthy, and highly trained team will install your new windows with the highest level of care and professionalism!

If you’re weighing options and are curious about how Mr. Roof stacks up, check out the information below. There are some handy tips to help you identify the best window installation and replacement company for your needs (along with why you’ll want to skip the search and go with Mr. Roof).

Finding Your Perfect Match in a Window Installation Company in Wheeling

Most folks locate their ideal window installation and replacement company in one of two ways: through personal referrals or online searches. If you have a buddy or relative who recently had their windows replaced or installed, you could ask about their experience and request a recommendation if they were pleased with the work done. Online searches also yield plenty of choices, offering ratings and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

While you’re searching, don’t forget to glance at the ratings and reviews for Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company. With over 100 stellar reviews, we’re quite proud of our top-notch rating!

Choosing a Window Installation Company in Wheeling

After lining up a few contenders, here’s what you should consider to choose the perfect company for your window installation needs:


Top-tier providers typically employ seasoned installers. Examine the company’s track record and the expertise of its contractors.

Range of services

Not all companies offer the same range of services. Confirm whether the company provides what you need by checking their website or giving them a call.


A quality window installation and replacement company should be completely transparent and open with you. Look for a company that keeps you in the loop and is upfront about pricing.

At Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company, we employ expert window installation and replacement contractors. We also take pride in our transparency, integrity, and stellar customer service. We want you to love your new windows as much as we love installing them.

To learn more, feel free to get in touch with us!

The DIY Dilemma: Can You Install Windows Yourself?

While it’s possible to perform your window installation (or installations) by yourself, the real question is whether it’s advisable. Unless you’re a seasoned installer or have relevant experience, you might find the task more challenging than it seems. Improper installation can lead to additional costs and time wasted.

To ensure a smooth, error-free installation, reach out to Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company.

How Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company Stands Out

When you choose Mr. Roof for your window installation or replacement, you’re not just choosing any service provider—you’re selecting a partner committed to your satisfaction. With our deep industry knowledge and extensive track record of successful installations, you can trust that we’re experts at providing fast and effective solutions. We’re just as comfortable handling a commercial venture as we are sprucing up a residential property, as well.

Regardless of your project’s scale or complexity, our goal remains the same: to deliver exceptional quality. Moreover, we bring a consultative approach to every project—seeking to understand your unique needs and aspirations. This customer-centric mindset, backed by our industry prowess, allows us to provide a tailor-made service that ensures your new windows are a perfect match for your space and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Professional Window Installation in Wheeling

There’s plenty to gain when you hire Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company for your window installation and replacement needs. Some perks include:

  • Licensed, competent, and personable contractors
  • A wide array of frame options
  • Countless hours of experience in home improvement (particularly window and door replacement)
  • Service and parts warranties
  • Premium, energy-efficient windows
  • Authentic customer reviews from delighted clients

With over a decade in the industry, we’ve handled every kind of window installation and replacement service you can imagine. No matter the scale of your project, be it replacing a few windows or a full-scale building remodel, we’re equipped to help.

Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company provide exceptional service at reasonable prices.

Contact us for a free quote or connect with us online today!

Installation Timeline: What to Expect?

The duration of the installation process hinges on several factors, including the type, size, and number of windows, along with accessibility, and more. However, typically, around 12 windows can be installed per day. We handle all kinds of windows—but remember that some might require a bit more time than others.

Ready to revamp your windows and/or doors? Reach out to Mr. Roof and Remodeling Company for a free quote! We’ll guide you in choosing the perfect windows that align with your preferences and budget.

Getting Started

If you are embarking on a new installation or window replacement connect with Mr. Roof and Remodeling for detailed information on the process and pricing. Our design consultants will guide you through the process and help you select the right windows to fit your needs and budget. We’ll also consider energy efficiency and other cost-saving options when recommending windows for your property.

At Mr. Roof, we value personalized attention and offer a wide range of products and services. You can expect top-quality products coupled with unrivaled service.

We look forward to helping you select the best windows for your home and installing them with the utmost professionalism.