Windows are an integral and essential element of the building – it is through them that the air, light, and heat enter your home. They also protect you and your family against external conditions, which, like any other part of the home, require maintenance and sometimes replacement.

The first thing you will see when googling whether you should replace 20-year-old windows is that you absolutely should do so. While the majority of outdated and old windows we inspect certainly need replacement, there are cases where well-maintained vintage windows are in good enough condition to serve the lucky owners for more or many years to come. If you are looking for an energy-efficient solution that, unfortunately, old-school windows rarely provide, you can make adjustments to your existing windows and cut back on energy consumption.

Let’s talk about when your 20-something-year-old windows do need replacing. After all, it is not about how old your windows are but what their condition is.

Why Should You Consider Window Replacement?

Replacing windows at home brings only benefits to the homeowners, provided they are correctly installed by a professional. Improving the thermal insulation of the building, increasing durability and safety, and expanding access to daylight are just a few of the arguments that speak for the window replacement project. And although their lifespan is estimated at nearly 20 years, it might be worth inspecting your existing windows from time to time to see whether an earlier replacement is due.

Older Windows That Might Need Replacing

Windows are like other utility items at home – they deteriorate over time. Older windows not only look unsightly, but they also may fail at fulfilling their primary tasks. The lifespan of your windows depends on many factors, including the passage of time. Over the years, your windows might become loose and leaky, create drafts, fail at keeping moisture out of the house, and lose their overall utility value. Very often, 20-year-old windows will experience operational problems, such as damaged opening and closing mechanisms.

Modern windows are designed to ensure the safety of household members, increase access to daylight or provide proper air circulation. When replacing old windows at home, functionality is one of the most sought-after features.

Should I Replace Leaky Windows?

Leaky windows create drafts and generate higher electricity bills because of increased energy consumption and overworking heating and cooling system. Higher utility bills are no fun especially now that inflation affects virtually all areas of our life. Without doubt, when it comes to the geographical location of Midwest and the prevailing climate, the thermal properties of our windows become one of their most important technical parameter. Many factors contribute to leaky windows, including:

  • Long window lifespan and usage (typically over 20 years)
  • Worn window seals
  • Faulty installation of the window
  • Lack of proper window maintenance
  • Condition of the entire building, such as moisture or issues with structural integrity

So what should we do if we experience leaky windows? Summer and fall seasons are a perfect time to consider window inspection and potential replacement before the next heating period starts. It will protect your household budget from excessive heating expenses and provide everlasting comfort for your family.

Window Replacement Reduces Noise

The desire to provide acoustic comfort at home is also an excellent argument in favor of window replacement. The acoustic insulation of your windows is affected by, among other factors:

  • Quantity and quality of gaskets used
  • Number and type of glass panes used
  • The force of pressing the window sash to the frame
  • Window installation quality

In the era of the current development of transportation and increased traffic, the level of windows’ insulation that are several or more years old may not necessarily meet our expectations. It stems from the outdated technologies of the materials used and the level of their exploitation. While there are methods to soundproof your home with your existing windows, the benefits of new windows far outweigh temporarily fixing your windows with soundproof window inserts, re-caulking, and other noise reduction hacks.

Window Replacement Guarantees Safety

The only way to your house is either through your door or a window. According to crime statistics, it is the latter option that is preferred by burglars. In order to minimize the risk of home invasion, property damage, or visits from other unwanted guests, replacing your existing, outdated windows should involve installing innovative anti-burglary technologies equipped with increased resistance for break-ins. A burglar would need to use sophisticated and quite unusual tools to get inside, which will significantly extend the time required to break into your home. Begin your journey to safety today with the expert in window replacement industry.

Window Replacement For The Aesthetics

Your antiquated 20-year-old windows, unless adequately maintained for safety and appearance, might decrease the overall value of your home and have a negative impact on your curb appeal. We love vintage-style windows in historical structures or homes with specific architectural designs, but not so much when they deteriorate, putting your home and your health at risk.

Modern windows can add beauty, class, security, and comfort to your home. They increase the value of your house if you ever consider putting it on the market and will turn heads in your neighborhood. The envious eyes will soon begin replacing their old, outdated, 20-year-old windows.

Mr. Roof Window Replacement

If you suffer from 20-year-old windows, ache no more. Mr. Roof has been replacing windows in Chicagoland area for as long as you have your existing windows. Not only do we utilize the latest technology and grab inspiration from current trends but also ensure that the job is carried out in a professional, timely, and passionate manner. Home renovation projects are our obsession, and we want to take part in fulfilling your ideas.

Call us today with any questions regarding your 20 year old windows or if you are ready to take the next step and replace the oldies with new baddies. Mr. Roof is more than happy to assist you from start to finish.