While many will argue that old is better, that antiques are in, or that they miss the 80s, it might not be so true when it comes to your home’s features. Beautiful archaic architecture certainly takes a breath away, but if your windows, despite the vintage style, were never adequately maintained or remember Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, you might consider replacing them with an innovative and energy-efficient solution. The industry’s market is enormous, and you will indeed find the style that best suits your home.

There are consequences that follow when you decide not to replace your old windows. Here are some of the repercussions you might expect with outdated windows:

Your Home Becomes Vulnerable to Other Damages

When you have malfunctioning windows, such as broken, chipped, or parts that are not working correctly, you are making your home vulnerable to other damages. If moisture enters your home through a crack in your window frame or a tiny chip in the glass, a number of structural damages can happen: you expose your home to rot or mold, your walls may begin to stain, and your furniture and floor can deteriorate. Keep in mind that anytime mold is present in your home, your and your family’s health will suffer. Window replacement with adequate installation will help prevent these issues from emerging.

Money Going… Out The Window

Have you noticed your utility bills increasing without any apparent reason? It’s common knowledge that outdated windows are not energy-efficient and do contribute to higher costs, but if you suddenly notice higher-than-usual electricity bills on your account, it could mean your windows are not only vintage but also severely damaged.

An average homeowner with windows that are due for replacement is losing as much as thirty percent of their conditioned air each month. Similarly, your heating may be working overtime as well during colder seasons because the warm air is being replaced by the colder, denser outdoor air.

Curb Appeal Not So Appealing After All

Unfortunately, windows are unique in that they will either increase or decrease both – curb appeal and overall property value. Not one or the other. And if you are looking to resell your home, old windows that are not energy efficient will reduce the value of your property without a doubt. Your windows play a huge part in your home’s appraisal process, and damaged or outdated windows will have a negative impact on the value.

Your Home’s Security and Your Family’s Safety Is Compromised

Home invasions are a real threat, but even amateur robbers can compromise your family’s safety. A damaged window or windows with bad locking mechanisms can easily become an easy route of access for criminals. Modern windows will provide you with peace of mind that your family is protected by innovative solutions.

Things to consider before replacing your windows

As with any major home renovation, window replacement requires decision-making skills and professional contractors who will carry out the job smoothly and precisely. The condition of entire unit will have to be inspected for possible structural damages, rot, or mold. What are some of the things to consider when replacing windows?

Your Window Replacement Company

Even the most innovative window technology will not perform if the units are not installed correctly. One of the most critical factors in window replacement is the installation process itself. A knowledgeable professional will take precise measurements before ordering your new windows, making sure that they fit like a puzzle. They will pay particular attention to details, such as the tightness of hardware. A reputable artisan will know the anatomy of a window by heart and communicate with homeowners in a respectful and thorough manner. They will treat your home like their own. And they will provide their services according to the plan – on time and sticking to the budget if no additional surprises come up.

Consider The Climate You Live In

The window replacement industry offers astonishing technology for current customers – solutions that were considered science fiction a few decades ago. Besides the obvious trends of 2022, such as dark window frames or integrated sun shades, the new window technology offers Low-E coatings or triple glazing solutions for better efficiency and performance. You might benefit from triple glazing, provided you live in an extremely cold climate. Otherwise, that option will only drain your wallet for no practical reason.

The Innovative Window Technology

As mentioned above, the industry is booming with window wonders never thought of before. If you live near the waterfront, you can invest in high-performance drainage technology equipped with a patented H-Flo Drainage System. While natural light is preferable, excessive sun exposure can cause damage to your health and your interior, causing your furniture to fade. Retractable sunshades will protect you against harmful UV rays, simultaneously reducing glare on your screen devices. Energy-efficient glass is a must in 2022, allowing you to live a sustainable life with lower energy bills. As we have more options on the market, choose a solution that will best suit your home’s needs.

Recently Replaced Windows But Malfunctioning?

If your windows are not outdated and yet you struggle with problems, such as high utility bills, cool or hot air entering your home, or condensation forming on the inside of your windows, there are numerous reasons why the units are not performing. First, make sure your windows were installed correctly and proper measurements were taken by the professionals. More often than not, malfunctioning windows are due to faulty installation techniques. It can be a quite costly mistake.

If your windows were properly installed, check if there are any mechanical problems, such as physical damage or hardware issues. Those can be usually fixed without too much effort. Always consult with a professional and experienced company that will come out to inspect your windows, assess the previous installation, and provide valid solutions without breaking your bank. Get a few quotes from reputable contractors to get an idea of the cost and how much you can save.